About Us

PicClick provides a proprietary ProductMatch™ algorithm. For a specified item, PicClick ProductMatch™ retrieves recommended similar items. Items are considered similar if they can serve as a replacement for the specified item. Similar items from a catalog are associated with the same product. For items not associated with a product, similarity with other items is determined from keywords in the title and attribute value matches. ProductMatch™ is used to recommend items to buyers who have lost items they were bidding on, or to recommend items as alternatives for watched items that have ended. Our algorithms scan through millions of product data points to find and rank the best product similarity recommendations.

Additionally, PicClick is the first visual shopping interface for and the #1 tool for power buyers. With PicClick you can see up to a hundred products on one page compared to a handful in the standard view. Also notice the infinite scrolling, image zoom slider on the top right, and the many variations of RSS feeds. It's just a great new way to explore and discover new things on .

Through all these years, 's interface haven't gotten drastically better. The interface is mostly carried over from the modem internet age, and is more text list oriented in small batches. With broadband, stores can be much more image focused and show a bunch of products all at once. The human mind can scan and process images much more quickly than text.

Also is growing more cluttered, to the point that they still have annoying banner advertising on their websites. PicClick provides a very clean and simple interface, devoid of marketing distractions.

PicClick is a certified eBay Compatible Application.