Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp

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Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp
Sansui AU Alpha 707NRA Integrated Amp

You won’t get too many opportunities to acquire one of these gems in the US so this is a nice opportunity for the Sansui amplifier devotee. The Sansui AU-ALPHA 707NRA was part of the last generation of high-end 2 channel integrated amps Sansui offered. It is indeed one the "last of the Mohicans" when it comes to Sansui integrated amps. The AU-ALPHA 707NRA was a Japan market only offering. Sansui was famous in the USA for the integrated amps they produced in the 70's into the 80's but the changing world market dynamics brought about a waning demand in the US. The changing Yen to Dollar ratio along with other factors caused many of the Japanese manufacturers who had experienced huge success in the 70's to struggle in the 80's and 90's. Nevertheless Sansui did not just fade away into oblivion, instead they continued their legacy as one of the finest 2 channel integrated amplifier manufacturers in the world focusing on markets other than the US. Since the first generation of Sansui integrated amps in the 70's there have been 15 subsequent generations! This AU-Alpha707NRA is part of the 15th and last generation. The following is the breakdown in generations of the history of the what Sansui called the "07" series integrated amplifier. You should know that the 1st and 2nd generations you see here are what were sold in the USA as the AU- 517, AU-717 and the AU-919.

The first generation
1976 AU-607, AU-707 1976 AU-607, AU-707

第二代 2. The second generation
1978 AU-D607, AU-D707, AU-D907 1978 AU-D607, AU-D707, AU-D907
1979 AU-D907Limited 1979 AU-D907Limited

第三代 3. The third generation
1980 AU-D607F, AU-D707F, AU-D907F 1980 AU-D607F, AU-D707F, AU-D907F

第四代 4. The fourth generation
1981 AU-D607Extra, AU-D707Extra, AU-D907Extra 1981 AU-D607Extra, AU-D707Extra, AU-D907Extra

第五代 5. Fifth Generation
1983 AU-D607GExtra, AU-D707GExtra, AU-D907GExtra 1983 AU-D607GExtra, AU-D707GExtra, AU-D907GExtra

第六代 6. Sixth Generation
1984 AU-D507X, AU-D607X, AU-D707X, AU-D907X 1984 AU-D507X, AU-D607X, AU-D707X, AU-D907X
1985 AU-D707XDecade, AU-D907XDecade 1985 AU-D707XDecade, AU-D907XDecade

第七代 7. Seventh Generation
1986AU-@307,AU-@507,AU-@607,AU-@707,AU-@907 1986AU-@ 307, AU-@ 507, AU-@ 607, AU-@ 707, AU-@ 907

第八代 8. Eighth
1987AU-@507i,AU-@606i,AU-@607i,AU-@707i, AU-@907i, AU-@907MOSLimited 1987AU-@ 507i, AU-@ 606i, AU-@ 607i, AU-@ 707i, AU-@ 907i, AU-@ 907MOSLimited

第九代 9. Ninth

1988AU-@507Extra,AU-@607Extra,AU-@707Extra,AU-@907Extra 1988AU-@ 507Extra, AU-@ 607Extra, AU-@ 707Extra, AU-@ 907Extra

第十代 10. Tenth generation
1989AU-@607LExtra,AU-@707LExtra,AU-@907LExtra 1989AU-@ 607LExtra, AU-@ 707LExtra, AU-@ 907LExtra

第十一代 11. Tenth generation
1990AU-@607DR,AU-@707DR,AU-@907DR 1990AU-@ 607DR, AU-@ 707DR, AU-@ 907DR
1991AU-@607MOSPremium 1991AU-@ 607MOSPremium

第十二代 12. Twelfth Generation
1992AU-@607KX,AU-@707KX,AU-@907KX 1992AU-@ 607KX, AU-@ 707KX, AU-@ 907KX

第十三代 13. Thirteenth generation
1993AU-@507XR,AU-@607XR,AU-@707XR,AU-@907XR 1993AU-@ 507XR, AU-@ 607XR, AU-@ 707XR, AU-@ 907XR
1994AU-@907Limited1994AU-@ 907Limited

第十四代 14. Fourteenth Generation
1995AU-@607MR,AU-@707MR,AU-@907MR 1995AU-@ 607MR, AU-@ 707MR, AU-@ 907MR

第十五代 15. Fifteenth Generation
1997AU-@607NRA,AU-@707NRA,AU-@907NRA1997AU-@ 607NRA, AU-@ 707NRA, AU-@ 907NRA
1999AU-@607NRAII,AU-@607MOSLimited1999AU-@ 607NRAII, AU-@ 607MOSLimited


The AU-Alpha707NRA is a big integrated amp weighing in at 56 lbs and has a rated output of 130 WPC @ 8 ohms with THD of less than 0.003%. For more detailed specifications go to THIS page.

Interestingly, I should mention that I am also concurrently selling a comprehensively restored Sansui AU-919 integrated amplifier which is in a sense, the Patriarch grandfather to this AU-Alpha707NRA. Yes I am selling both the first and the last Sansui 07 integrated amp models spanning 20 years between them!

The build quality of this amp is very impressive and the quality approaches that of Accuphase gear, definitely much nicer than the plain no nonsense all black models  of the 70's. This unit is in nice condition overall but does a have a few nicks to the fascia but nothing glaring or detracting. I took good close-up photos so that you can see for yourself the condition. It has been serviced by a good tech so all is good to go and properly adjusted. Keep in mind this integrated requires 100V power so you will need a good step-down transformer. Step-down transformers are easily obtainable and the better higher power reserve models (which is what you should use for an amplifier like this) start around $100.00 and go up from there. I have one of the highest power reserve step-down transformers I used with it in like new condition. If the winning bidder would like to buy it I would sell it for $50.00 plus shipping.

Finally, let me assure the prospective buyer that I am very experienced at packing and shipping heavy and fragile amps like this and will take extreme measures to ensure its safe arrival to your home. I always pack my items as if they WILL be dropped!


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