Korea Star Accessories 2NE1 CL ST Plane Ring (MDWA0026)

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Korea Star Accessories 2NE1 CL ST Plane Ring (MDWA0026)


■ Color :  White
■ Material : White Gold Gilt, Cubic
■ Country of Origin: South Korea
■ Product ID : MDWA0026
■ Condition: Brand New 



1. please note, sometime Delivery time may be changed because of  circumstance.

2. Real item may be a little different compared with picture due to camera lighting.

3. sometime a little scratch may be on appearance of item (because it is coating item)

So,  please note the truth that we can't accept any return or change happened for that reason.

5. you are not able to cancel purchase of this item, after you ordered it (because this item is made by only order making) 

6. it takes 7~10 days to make this item.







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