Canon Powershot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera (Black) + 8GB Deluxe Accessory Kit

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Canon Powershot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera (Black) + 8GB Deluxe Accessory Kit
Canon Powershot A2200 14.1 MP Digital Camera (Black) + 8GB Deluxe Accessory Kit

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Item Description

Canon Powershot A2200 14.1MP Digital Camera Black 8GB Deluxe Kit

Brand New in Original Packaging

Canon Powershot A2200 14.1MP 4X Wide Digital Camera Black - 4943B001 Top Brand 8 Gigabyte SD Secure Digital Memory Card Top Brand MMC MultimediaCard & SD Secure Digital Reader USB Sakar MX40 Digital Camera Case Black Top Brand Memory Card 3 Pocket Storage Case Vidpro Digital Camera Lens-Guard Screen Protectors Top Brand Lens Cleaning Kit Top Brand Flexible Mini Tripod w/Pocket Clip Canon Powershot A2200 14.1MP Digital Camera Black 8GB Deluxe Kit

What's in the Box

Canon Powershot A2200 Digital Camera (Black)
  • Battery Pack NB-8L
  • Battery Charger CB-2LA
  • Wrist Strap WS-800
  • AV Cable AVC-DC300
  • USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
  • Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  1. Top Brand 8 Gigabyte SD Secure Digital Memory Card
  2. Top Brand MMC MultimediaCard & SD Secure Digital Reader USB
  3. Top Brand Replacement for Canon NB-8L Rechargeable Battery
  4. Aluminum Tripod 42-inch with Three-Way Panhead and Bubble Level
  5. Sakar MX40 Digital Camera Case Black
  6. Top Brand Memory Card 3 Pocket Storage Case
  7. Vidpro Digital Camera Lens-Guard Screen Protectors
  8. Top Brand Lens Cleaning Kit
  9. Top Brand Flexible Mini Tripod w/Pocket Clip

Canon Powershot A2200 14.1MP 4X Wide Digital Camera Black - 4943B001

The Canon Powershot A2200 Digital Camera (Black) is a terrific combination of great image quality and easy-to-use creative features. High resolution of 14.1 megapixels, a 4x 28-112mm (35mm equivalent) wide-angle zoom lens, plus a 2.7" LCD monitor for composing and viewing photos and video put this camera in a class by itself.

Gorgeous 720p HD video is built-in and easy to use. A Smile Detection function recognizes your subject's smile and captures it. Sensitivity up to 1600 ISO will make blurry pictures a thing of the past. No fuss, no muss Easy mode programs the optimal settings for common shooting situations, and Creative Filters make creativity easy with Fisheye, Miniature, Toy Camera, Monochrome, Super Vivid and Poster effects for more high-impact images. Macro shooting allows you make dramatic photos from as close as 1.2" to your subject. The rechargeable NB-8L battery gives you approximately 280 shots/charge.

Loaded with Features, Packed with Value
With the PowerShot A2200, dramatic, personal pictures have never been easier to shoot and share. This 14.1 Megapixel camera lets you create impressive large photos of family and friends you'll be proud to display. The high-resolution images taken by the PowerShot A2200 can be enlarged up to 13" x 19". The PowerShot A2200 has a 4x wide Optical Zoom lens (35mm film equivalent: 28-112mm) that let you capture up-close and memorable images.
Everything's Easy
Just set the Canon PowerShot A2200 digital camera to Smart AUTO and you're ready for maximum enjoyment from your picture-taking every time. It's a relaxing and satisfying way to shoot because you can completely concentrate on your subject knowing that the camera has the technical details covered. Advanced Canon technology intelligently analyzes your situation and shooting conditions. Then it automatically selects an appropriate setting from 32 specially defined settings. So whether you're photographing flowers, a captivating sunset, or your friends at the park, you can be confident that you're getting dramatic, memorable images.

Smart AUTO
The camera automatically selects the best shooting settings for optimal quality based on subjects and environmental factors to provide point-and-shoot simplicity.
P Program
Access advanced exposure compensation features while shooting mostly automatically.
Live View Control
Enables Brightness, Color, and Tone adjustments to your images using easy-to-understand controls.
Creative Filters
The Creative Filters mode dial setting provides easy access to special filter effect and scene modes.
Fisheye Effect
Add a classic photo distortion without a fisheye lens.
Miniature Effect
Give images a miniature look with an effect that emphasizes perspective by blurring the top and bottom of the image.
Toy Camera Effect
Simulates photos taken with "toy" or pinhole cameras, darkening the image at the edges to create a vignette effect.
Choose from three single-tone effects: Black-and-White, Sepia, or Blue.
Super Vivid
Super Vivid intensifies existing hues, saturating the scene with bright colors.
Poster Effect
Poster Effect combines several similar shades into one color, turning subtle gradations into eye-catching, scene-popping contrasts.
Keep the image quality as high as possible for fail-proof images.
Blur Reduction
Boosts sensitivity to enable faster shutter speeds, reducing the effects of camera shake and subject movement.
The camera sets a large aperture, focusing the subject and artistically blurring the background to make your subject "pop."
For front to back sharpness, the camera sets a small aperture.
Kids & Pets
Reduced focusing time freezes fast-moving subjects, so you won't miss those special shots.
Smart Shutter
The camera automatically takes the photo when people smile, wink, or get into frame.
Low Light
For high quality image capture in an amazing range of dimly-lit situations.
Get clear shots of people at a sunny beach without darkened faces.
Capture brilliant shots of autumn foliage, greenery and blossoms.
Shoot clear snow scenes without darkened subjects or an unnatural bluish tint.
Grab brilliant images of skyrocketing fireworks.
Long Shutter
Use to blur moving subjects for artistic effect, ideal for urban night photography.
Discreet Mode
Disables flash, AF assist beam, and all camera sounds with one mode dial setting.
In Still Images or 720p HD Video, Every Detail is Beautifully Preserved
PowerShot A2200 digital camera puts you in charge when it comes to saving your memories. Portraits of people posing or in motion, outdoor shots in various weather situations, nighttime shooting and more: the camera handles them all with ease when you shoot in Smart AUTO. High megapixel counts let you blow up and crop your still images just as you please, with no loss in resolution or quality. Want to capture the good times in motion? Canon's 720p HD video gives your memories the quality they deserve. If you've never shot video in high definition before, you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. 720p HD delivers stunning realism, capturing every detail with a level of clarity that, in playback, will bring you right back into the moment. Easy high definition videos from a compact still camera - now that's value! Shoot in HD (1280 x 720) at 30 fps for up to 22 min. and 05 sec. or 4GB per clip. Shoot in VGA (640 x 480) at 30 fps or for up to 50 min. and 17 sec. or 4GB per clip and QVGA (320 x 240) at 30 fps for up to 3 hour 2 min. and 52sec. or 4GB per clip.
Shoot without Distractions
How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you wanted to take a picture, but were reluctant (or simply not allowed) to disrupt the setting with noise or flash? New Discreet Mode makes picture-taking possible in museums, at performances, anywhere light and sound would not be welcome. Simply turn the mode dial to Discreet, and the camera's sound, flash and AF assist beam will be disabled - without changing any other settings. If the camera senses low light, ISO speed will be automatically raised to get the best possible shot. You can even switch to playback mode to review still images or video, and the camera will remain muted.
Photographic Artistry That's Easy for Anyone.
Creative Filters Mode gives you lots of fun, easy ways to make your photography more creative. The camera does all the work - you simply choose an effect and shoot! Fisheye Effect imparts a fun, familiar curvilinear distortion to your image that's ideal for kids and pets. Miniature Effect plays with perspective, giving any shot the look of a world created in much smaller proportions - great for landscapes and city shots. When you shoot in Toy Camera Effect, you get the vintage effect of a first-generation camera, ideal for giving portraits a slightly distorted, unevenly saturated look of a picture you'd come across in your attic. Monochrome lends a moody beauty to your photography, producing shots in Black & White, Sepia or Blue. Super Vivid saturates colors to heighten the intensity and impact of any shot. Poster Effect takes away transitions between objects in the frame to give your image the high-impact look of a hand-painted poster.
See the Image on a Big Screen
The PowerShot A2200 digital camera has a large 2.7" LCD screen that gives you the big picture, whether you're shooting, reviewing or showing off your images. This high-resolution screen offers a crisp, clear and bright picture. It also features Night Display for easy viewing in low light.
Charge Up and Go
The Canon PowerShot A2200 digital camera uses a lithium-ion battery. This compact, powerful battery helps make it a lightweight and slim camera. Charge-up is quick and easy, so the PowerShot A2200 will be ready and waiting for those special moments.

Top Brand 8 Gigabyte SD Secure Digital Memory Card

  • 8 gigabyte Secure Digital Memory card provides loads of portable image storage for shooting hundreds of photos between downloads.
  • A postage stamp-sized card, similar to the Multimedia MMC card format.
  • Store data on portable devices, such as MP3 players, digital cameras, handheld computers and cell phones.
  • Secure Digital can also allow devices to add technologies, such as

Top Brand MMC MultimediaCard & SD Secure Digital Reader USB

  • Designed for people on the go.
  • Quickly and easily transfer all of your digital pictures, music and any other data to and from a digital camera, video recorder, MP3 player, or cell phone to a equipped Mac or PC.
  • No cables or batteries required; plugs directly into a standard USB port.
  • Just insert appropriate memory card and plug the reader into USB port.
  • Computer

Top Brand Replacement for Canon NB-8L Rechargeable Battery

Aluminum Tripod 42-inch with Three-Way Panhead and Bubble Level

Sakar MX40 Digital Camera Case Black

Protect your digital cameras from bumps and bruises with the Mini Digital carrying case. Made of lightweight but extremely material, this camera case is compact and extremely easy to carry with you.
Dimensions (Inner size): 2 3/4 x 1 1/4 x 3 7/8 inches

Top Brand Memory Card 3 Pocket Storage Case

  • Sturdy memory card wallet case holds and organizes up to 3 memory cards of any type securely, keeping them from contact with other accessories and easily accessible in larger luggage.
  • Mesh pockets keep it all in place Padded.
  • Durable and water resistant.

Vidpro Digital Camera Lens-Guard Screen Protectors

Scratch and squint proof screen protector / Micro-thin clear film / Protect screen from scratches, wear & damages / Reduces screen glare and enhances view

  • Wet & Dry Clean Wipe - Use the Micro-thin Fiber Clean Wipe to easily remove dust and fingerprint from the screen without leaving lint on it.
  • Protective Film - Cut on dotted lines for size of your scren and expose about one half ince of the film from the backing along one edge. Fold down and crease the backing so that the exposed edge is accessible. Be careful not to touch the fill adhesive. Align protective film and gently life if crooked and reapply.
  • Squeegee Card - Use the enclosed squeegee card to apply the film securely to your screen by sliding the card across the textured surface, as you peel the backing away

Top Brand Lens Cleaning Kit

Lens Cleaning Tissue, Lens Cleaning Cloth, Blow Brush, Cleaning Solution, Cotton Swabs.

  • All the essential optics cleaning supplies necessary for taking proper and safe care of your camera lenses, lens filters, binoculars, spotting scopes, eyeglasses and any other optics product while on the go.
  • Lens optics cleaning kit includes cleaning fluid, cloth, tissue pack, blow brush and cotton swabs.
  • A must for every gadget bag, or accessory pouch.
  • Dont lose another shot because you noticed your lens, or a required filter, was dirty.
  • Don't ruin expensive glass optics because you felt forced to use improper and unsafe cloths, rags, sleeves or tissues to wipe your lenses due to the lack of proper cleaning supplies designed for your optics.
  • Apply solution to new lens tissue (never directly on lens) and clean gently in circular motion.
  • Cotton swabs may be used to clean viewfinders and exterior parts.

Top Brand Flexible Mini Tripod w/Pocket Clip

Sleek mini tripod provides secure, pocket sized hands free camera support anywhere you find yourself wanting to get into the picture, eliminate camera shake in low light situations, or use the camera timer. Fits Most All Cameras And Camcorders. Multi Positions Head. Ultra Slim Technology. Ideal for Traveling. Extended Legs up to 8''.

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