Basket: Rect/Brown 1.75" W (Playmobil Dollhouse Food/Toy Storage--Diorama Mini)

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Basket: Rect/Brown 1.75" W (Playmobil Dollhouse Food/Toy Storage--Diorama Mini)

Measures 1.75" L x 1.25" W.  Holds 2 Playmobil fresh produce items
perfectly and can be snapped into the hands of a Playmobil adult figure.

Welcome to our store of Playmobil Miniatures. Whether you are a 

miniature dollhouse collector; a parent looking for pieces for your 

child to build a diorama (book report or science project scene); or in 

need of fun toys for some good old-fashioned pretend sit-down play, 

our selection is one of the best. ALL of our listings are miniatures 

and most range in size from 3/4" to a few inches. Use the 1/2"

piece of candy shown in photo to give you an idea of the toy's size.

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See Picture-Item in GREAT Condition. Small Piece(s)--NOT  Meant for Young Children.

I ONLY Ship within the U.S. Please----No Other Buyers/Bidders. Thank You.

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